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The History of the WPS

Below you will find a timeline highlighting events that led up to the formation of the Society, including many significant milestones and accomplishments that its members have achieved through the years.


·  James Cooksey and James Kersting pioneered the formation of an informal Educational Meeting, known as "The Western Great Lakes Perfusion Meeting."  Three such meetings were held under this format:  Green Bay, Wisconsin (June 7, 1986)  Kohler, Wisconsin (November 7-9, 1986)  Duluth, Minnesota (June 29-30, 1987).


·  Ronald Nichols coordinated a "Veterans' Administration System-Wide Perfusion Meeting" to provide an opportunity for continuing education for Perfusionists in the VA system, in Wisconsin, and in the surrounding areas.  The first of these VA meetings was held in April 1988, and the last was held in February 1992.


·  The Wisconsin Perfusion Society is officially formed during two meetings, which occurred on May 15 and 16.  Also discussed at these meetings were the formation of a WPS Board of Directors, Bylaws, and laying the groundwork for future Perfusion state legislation to protect the profession.

· LeRoy Ferries, Ann Rossell, Michael Harloff, Scott Garavet, Paul Askari, and David Hellenbrand are a few names from a list of distinguished individuals who attended these historic meetings.

· The aforementioned milestones and the dedicated efforts of many others culminated into the formation of the current Wisconsin Perfusion Society.


· The initial legislative campaign by the WPS to seek licensing of all Perfusionists practicing in the state of Wisconsin began.


· The first WPS Spring Educational Meeting was held, with future meetings to be held annually at locations revolving around the state of Wisconsin.

· Inaugural presentation of annual WPS merit awards began:

     · The LeRoy H. Ferries Award - honoring a Wisconsin perfusionist who has made significant contributions to the field of perfusion

     · The William P. Young Award - honoring an individual who is not a working Wisconsin perfusionist, yet has made significant contributions to the field of perfusion

· The first issue of the WPS’s official newsletter, The Reactions Times, was published in July.


· Inaugural presentation of the WPS Ronald D. Nichols Award began, to recognize an individual who has accomplished something of a “special nature” that has benefited the WPS, perfusion in the state of Wisconsin, or the patients served. Active membership in WPS or employment in the field of perfusion was not necessarily required to qualify for this award, and there is no formula or limit to receiving it.


· The fifth annual WPS Spring Educational Meeting was held at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.


· The WPS joins the information superhighway with the launching of its website in June -


· The WPS Membership votes to pursue the passage of Perfusion licensure in the 2001-2002 Wisconsin Legislative Session.

· Initial steps were taken to begin the legislative campaign, primarily the retaining of the lobbying firm Hilbert & Tenuta, on behalf of the WPS.


· Assembly Bill 256, authorizing the licensure of all perfusionists in the State of Wisconsin, passes the Wisconsin Assembly 94-4 on November 6.


· Assembly Bill 256 is concurred in the Wisconsin Senate 32-1 on March 12.

· The Honorable James Scott McCallum, governor of Wisconsin, signs 2001 Wisconsin Act 89 into law on April 18. This law officially enacts mandatory Wisconsin Perfusion licensure.

· Wisconsin Act 89 is officially published on May 2.



· Licensure requirement for Perfusionists practicing in the state of Wisconsin began on January 1.

· The tenth annual WPS Spring Educational Meeting was held at the Kalahari Resort in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.


· The fifteenth annual WPS Spring Educational Meeting was held at the Kalahari Resort in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.


· The twentieth annual WPS Spring Educational Meeting was held at the Wilderness Resort in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.


· The WPS expands accessibility with the launching of its mobile website platform and updates to in November.


· The twenty-fifth annual WPS Spring Educational Meeting was held at the Madison Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin.

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